Simple But Essential Daily Makeup Hacks

Simple But Essential Daily Makeup Hacks

In this article am going to share simple but essential daily makeup hacks. Anyways, let me first tell you a short story. I’ve come across some colleagues who think they look cute without makeup. Eventually, they realized that makeup gives them such an extra bit of control over their skin. Results? -Now they don’t feel completely “done” without makeup! Moreover, they are the living proofs of how makeup aids in enhancing all their beautiful facial features and makes them look brighter and better.

Well, everyone has their preferences as to how makeup should look and how it should be applied. Regardless there is always a common factor. I will give you the basic makeup tips you need to look your best. You’ll thank me later – with only three minutes of your time, you’ll know everything you need to know.

I will go out on a limb here and say that for such a flawless, simple yet elegant look, you’ll need foundation, mascara, blush, an eyebrow pencil, and lipstick or gloss. Sounds weird but don’t worry. I’ll explain.


Foundations come in a variety of types and colors, including; liquid, gel, cream, stick, and powder. Yes, you probably knew – But to get that perfect look that you crave, identify your skin tone, and use colors that flatter it. – Ponder-the-point. 

How to apply: From the center of your face, blend the makeup into your skin in a downward direction – this makes the little hairs on your face lay down pretty. It’s good to prepare your skin with primer. So, let’s talk about it too.


Have you ever felt like you’re done with your makeup and aren’t happy with the overall results? The primer was precisely what was missing. Yes, this is a preparatory product that’s applied after your skincare and before your makeup. It’s not just a random product but affects the overall glow of your makeup.

The primer brightens your skin, smooths the skin’s surface, and helps your makeup last longer. Effortlessly put, it creates a smooth base for foundation.

How to apply it: Apply the primer to the center of your face with your fingers. Use gentle, circular motions to blend it outwards like you would normally moisturize your skin. Blend it up to your hairline then give it a full minute to dry before layering anything on top. With this remarkable beauty prep, a little goes a long way.


Mascara is a thing too! It gives your eyes a flattering look resulting in an overall smoother, full-of-life makeup look. The color you choose plays a big role in giving you a very classic look – Don’t forget this.

How to apply it: Take the tube of mascara, swirl the wand around to coat the bristles with the mascara properly then apply the mascara with a wriggling motion.

Note that any other eye makeup should be applied before mascara.

You will definitely look amazing!

Up next?

Eyebrow pencil

If you’re into the flawless arches, a sharp-pointed pencil is your go-to tool for a statement-making brow. It adds a touch of glow to your brows leaving them looking thicker and a little bit better than they usually do. Yes, eyebrow pencils require a bit more know-how.

So, I’ll give you two simple tips and there you have it- beautiful brows!

  1. Keep the pencil tip super-sharp.
  2. Outline your brow shape before filling in with light, feathered strokes. Fill in starting from the center of your brows and working your way out—otherwise you risk an overly harsh, drawn-on look. Smart, huh?


This is just a boost of freshness! It does more than coloring the cheeks. It enhances an oval face making your cheeks a little more noticeable. Skillfully placed, the shape of the face can be modeled –Magic. Right?

How to apply: Dab the brush in the color, tapping off any excess color onto the back of your hand. Place the brush on the cheekbone and apply it in an outward motion.


You may feel most comfortable using a lip color that enhances the natural shade of your lips- actually my thing. Well, if you are not into this, pick a brighter color for a bold look yet not over-dramatic. 

Did you notice how simple this is? You can do your own makeup – Apply primer, then foundation, move on to eye makeup, blush, and lipstick. In-that-order. Remember to begin with washing and drying your face and applying moisturizer. Simple but it works!

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