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Determine the recipient of the request Determining the main purpose for the job application letter is of great importance to ensure that it reaches the right person. To determine this, it is necessary to look at the size of the company or institution. Note that at times it isn’t possible to directly approach the person […]

Obesity Obesity is considered a serious problem that threatens a person’s life. Therefore people always seek to get rid of it and have the average weight. People then resort to many other methods in order to achieve this goal. We are going to address the benefits of ginger and lemon in the process of weight […]

Bold, Bright and Brilliant. These are just a few words I can use to describe the spectacular prints and fabrics used in creating Congolese fashion. Congolese styles are created to make you stand out from the crowd unlike western trends. The Congolese traditional clothing is namely known as Liputa. This means the wearing of colourful […]

The Congolese cuisine has influences of the techniques used by the French and Belgian when cooking. For instance the way they braise and comfit their meat. In DRC the most common method used is subsistence farming. They mostly grow sweet potatoes, cassava, yam, taro, plantains, beans, ground nuts, tomatoes and okra. The day to day […]

Kinshasa, Sub-Saharan Africa’s second-largest city, stretches outwardly forever from the Congo River banks to its distant towns. Not only is it the largest city but also the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was the former Leopoldville until 1966. Kinois is what the residents of Kinshasa are known as. The most inhabited area […]

Water is life. Water is the essence of our survival. Basically the human body alone makes up 60% of water and the earth is 70% water. Water is not only a major part of your body but also the world you live in. Water keeps you alive, also cleaning and detoxifying your system, required for […]