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Have you ever heard of a water powered car? Yes, you can actually run your car on water. What you will need to do is to build a “water-burning hybrid”. This is the installation of a small home-made electrolysis cell under the top lid of your car. So the key is to take electricity from […]

Have you or your child just got braces recently? You will need this article to prepare for the milestone. They are on their way to getting gorgeous and healthier teeth. However, they should follow the guidelines in order to care for their teeth and braces. The first few days after your child gets braces the […]

Narrowing of the arteries This can be defined as arteries/blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients from the heart to other parts of the body. They may accumulate fat and cholesterol in the arteries as a result of the accumulation of plaque term atherosclerosis. It should be noted that the accumulation of plaques obstructs the […]

You have probably been running at a steady speed for a while now but want to build strength to run faster without being tired. If you push yourself a little harder and stay motivated you will discover how fast you can go. Below are some tips you can use to increase your speed. Pick up […]

Having blackheads is one of the problems that many women face. This is because blackheads spread widely on the face, specifically in the nose and forehead area, but there must be ways to reduce this problem, and in this article we will talk about natural ways for removing blackheads using eggs, and ways to prevent […]

Your carpet takes lots of abuse from spills and pets. However, it is important and adds comfort and warmth in our homes. In that case you should always make an effort to keep it clean at all times. Frequent cleaning can extend the carpets life. Keep reading to learn tricks to clean your carpet easily […]