Ways to Clean Your Carpet

Ways to Clean Your Carpet

Your carpet takes lots of abuse from spills and pets. However, it is important and adds comfort and warmth in our homes. In that case you should always make an effort to keep it clean at all times. Frequent cleaning can extend the carpets life. Keep reading to learn tricks to clean your carpet easily and keep it clean for longer.

What you will need

  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Cloth
  • Spray bottle
  • Oscillating fan
  • Steam mop
  • Old towel/rag
  • Steamer
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Table salt

How often should you clean your carpet?

Vacuuming your carpet at least once a week is a must. However if you have children and pets you should clean it more often. If something spills you should clean it as soon as possible.

Routine carpet cleaning

When you allow dust to stay on the carpet longer it causes it to look dull and smell funny eventually wearing out. If you don’t have a vacuum you can use a broom – it works the same.

Treating a carpet stain should be done as soon as possible. If something spills use a white cloth to clean it right away. For dropped food use the corner of a credit card to lift it off. Don’t ever rub a solid stain, it will go deep into the fibres.

Here’s a list of the five most difficult stains to remove:

  • Pet accidents
  • Ink
  • Nail polish
  • Coffee
  • Red wine

How to Deep Clean a Carpet

Most professional cleaning services use a mixture of detergents and steam to deep clean carpets. They also recommend cleaning them at least once per year. Using a professional cleaning service or renting a machine is efficient if you have wall-to-wall carpeting.

Cleaning With Distilled White Vinegar

Always begin any cleaning process by vacuuming the carpet to remove dirt. Don’t skip this because you will just be driving the soil deeper into the fibers. Removing some stains like oil will require special treatment. Consult a stain removal chart to get those stains removed.

In a spray bottle, mix 1:3 of distilled white vinegar and cold water. You will need to refill the bottle if you are cleaning a wall-to-wall carpet.

Spray the vinegar solution onto the carpet until it’s very damp. Do not saturate. Follow a grid so you’ll know where you have cleaned. If you are cleaning a rug – take extra precautions to protect the floor beneath the rug.

Allow the solution to remain on the carpet for about 5 minutes. Then use a microfiber cloth to blemish away the solution and the soil. Get a bucket of clean water ready to rinse the microfiber cloth.

Open the doors and windows to increase the airflow in the room or use oscillating fans to dry it quickly. Do not allow anything on the carpet until it is fully dry.

Clean With Baking Soda and Salt

Vacuum or sweep the carpet to remove loose soil. Next follow the recommendations on a stain removal chart to remove visible stains.

In a small bowl or bucket, mix a 1:1 mixture of baking soda and salt. The salt can be either table salt or kosher salt. Fill a spray bottle with water.

Next sprinkle the carpet with the baking soda and salt. After sprinkling, spritz the area with a spray bottle filled with plain water. The carpet should be very damp, but also not wet. Use a scrubbing brush to work the baking soda deeper into the carpet fibers. Scrub in one direction to lift the soil. When done scrubbing, use old towels to wipe away the soil.

Clean With Steam

If you have a steam mop that is usually used on hard-surface floors, it can be used to deep clean carpet, as well. Start by vacuuming the carpet to remove loose soil.

Follow the same steps for mixing baking soda and salt. Sprinkle the carpet with the mixture instead of cold water then steam to dampen it.

Allow the steam to dampen the carpet. Use a brush to work the damp mixture into the fibres. If you are using a steam mop, use the microfiber mop head to go over the baking soda mixture. Then use the scrub brush again to clean the area.

Use old towels to absorb soil. Allow the carpet to dry and then vacuum to remove any residue.

Tips to Keep Carpet Clean for Longer

  • Place doormats outside/inside all entrance doors to trap soil.
  • Remove shoes at the door.
  • Vacuum several times per week.
  • Treat stains immediately.
  • Change HVAC filters.
  • Keep your vacuum well-maintained.

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