What Is The Weather Like In Rwanda?

What Is The Weather Like In Rwanda?

If you are one of the people who want to visit Rwanda. And want to know what the weather is like- this article was written for you. Rwanda, is a country in the heart of Africa. It is bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda is a small country with about 26,338km² and is landlocked. It has a population of 12.5 million .The languages spoken in Rwanda are; English, Kinyarwanda, French and Swahili.

If you are thinking of travelling to Rwanda and would like to know, “When is the best time to visit Rwanda?” the answer is not that simple. It all depends on a lot of diverse things, for instance; where you want to go, why you are visiting, your likes and interests etc.

Here is a guide about the climate in Rwanda;

Rwanda, also called the land of a thousand hills is slightly in the south of the equator. This means it has a pleasant tropical climate throughout most of the year but also plenty of rain. The climate can be unpredictable, due to global warming.

It is situated on a highland, about 5000 feet above sea level. The regular temperature in Kigali is from around 12 ˚C to 28 ˚C. By Rusizi River, on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the altitude decreases to 3,300 feet and is the only area it can get hotter and can reach around 35 ˚C.

There is no real winter and no real summer, there is a dry and wet season instead. The wet season goes from around March to May and the dry season is long and is from June to September. So if you’re thinking of visiting the best time would be June to September. However, from October to November there is a short wet season and then a short dry season from December to February. Temperatures differ according to their whereabouts and altitudes, however not much from one month to another.

What to wear:

Dry Season

At times it can get really hot outside. It can be challenging trying to look good but don’t want to sweat like crazy. In the dry season you can pack light clothes made from materials and fabric that will keep you cool. These clothes include; skirts, dresses, tops and skirts made from cotton or linen. Wearing light coloured clothes can keep you cool as well.

In the evening/night the temperature could drop so pack sweaters, jackets and other clothes to cover up with materials like; nylon, silk and polyester.

Wet Season

During the wet season it would be best to pack clothes that will be able to keep you warm. Sometimes it can get cold, windy and rainy. The clothes you would need are the ones made from polyester, nylon and polypoprene.

If you’re thinking of also visiting places out of Kigali, youd have to pack different kinds of clothes for the weather is different because of the altitude. For the volcanoes, mountains, Musanze and Nyungwe, you should pack warm clothes such as hats, jackets, gloves etc.


  • Average of 1029 mm of rainfall per year and 85mm per month.
  • There are 122 days with more than 0.1mm of rainfall per year.
  • July is the month with the driest weather.
  • April is the wettest month with about 183 mm of rainfall.
  • At times in the rainy season there is rain and sleet.

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