Choosing The Appropriate Paint

Choosing The Appropriate Paint

The process of painting the walls of the house is one of the most important steps when it comes to decoration. For it makes the house look harmonious and pleasant. Also for some the task of choosing the appropriate paint colors can be difficult. It’s because it takes up most of their time and some may end up choosing the wrong colors. Below are some tips to help you choose the right colors:

There are several ways to help you choose the right wall color, including:

Spacious look

You should paint small rooms, small bathrooms, and narrow corners with light colors. This is because painting it in a light color makes it appear more spacious. Especially when using white or pastel paint, which has proven to be successful in expanding narrow spaces. Also mixing colors for the paint will create a more spacious look.

High ceilings

Painting the ceilings in a light color always attracts attention. How? It gives people the impression that the walls and ceilings are high.

Color by gender

Choose pink, purple or pink in girls ‘rooms, and blue in boys’ rooms.

Neutral colors

Choose neutral colors such as shades of white, black, gray and brown. This will help them to blend in with most of the surrounding furniture. Also choosing these colors makes changing furniture in the future easier. For they will be easier to change different colored furniture.

Choosing colors based on the function of the room

You should choose colors according to the rooms function that you want to paint. For a living room where families meet choose warm colors that express comfort and tranquillity. Then choose cold colors that make people feel relaxed in bedrooms or external walls in a home garden. Some colors like red may make it difficult for people to sleep or relax.

Light and dark paints

Light and dark paint should coordinate, as this increases the space in the room.

Things to consider when choosing colors

There are some things that must be taken into account when choosing wall colors, and they are:

Using bright colors that attract the eye and draw attention. For instance, on a wall or on the ceiling, as this creates energy and vitality.

Consider choosing consistent colors in all different rooms. So that the colors must be interconnected between the rooms. That is through the use of the similar color scheme, such as yellow with orange, green, or blue, with violet and green. This system creates a space rich in peace and tranquillity in all parts of the house.

Taking into account the appropriate color of the wall with the furniture in the room, such as carpets, curtains, and other furniture.

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