How To Clean a Laptop

How To Clean a Laptop

Continuous and regular cleaning of the computer is important to ensure that it continues to function as required and with optimum performance. This implies that you must know how to clean your laptop. And that’s what you are going to learn by reading this whole article.

The process of cleaning the computer may be either cleaning the outside – That is, cleaning its equipment from dust and the like, or cleaning the inside which is the software. Both processes are very necessary for the safety of  your computer.

Cleaning your computer’s hardware

First off, you must ensure that the electronic parts inside remain uncharged.  In addition, external devices connected to the computer, such as the mouse and keyboard, must also be disconnected.  It is preferable to move the computer to a place with high ventilation, as this is very important for personal health – it will protect you against inhaling dust during the cleaning process.

After the completion of these initial preparations, you can start preparing for the computer cleaning process, by following the subsequent steps:

  1. Open a computer case, by loosening the screws that fix it. Note that each type of computer case may disassemble differently from another.
  2. Separate the wires connected to the side of the computer case, if any.
  3. Separate the electronic parts that are easy to separate, such as the video card, the RAM chips, and the hard disks.

Note: If the fan designated for cooling the central processing unit (CPU) is disconnected, it is strongly recommended to replace the thermal paste/grease at the top of the processor. And if a thermal paste is not available, it is not preferable to disconnect the fan.

After completing the preparation process, start cleaning the computer from dust, through the following steps:

  1. Clean the electronic parts that were previously separated, using a compressed air package used to clean the dust, so that the air is released to the dusty areas in these parts.
  2. Firing compressed air into the bases on which the RAM chips are installed.
  3. Firing compressed air into the dedicated fan by cooling the processor.
  4. Release the compressed air into the power supply unit cooling fan.
  5. Use compressed air to clean the computer box from the inside, especially the lower area of ​​it, as it is the largest point in which dust collects. you can use a wet piece of cloth to remove suspended dust.
  6. Clean the different openings of the computer case using compressed air.

How to clean your computer from the inside

Cleaning the computer from the inside, that is, at the software level, greatly helps to keep the computer running with the required performance.

Done by following the subsequent steps:

  1. Deactivate the unimportant software that works Immediately after operating the system; This step will greatly reduce the depletion of the device’s resources.
  2. Clean up the hard drive using programs dedicated to that, such as those in the Windows operating system, which delete the unimportant files that take up space in the hard disk.
  3. Delete unimportant apps, using hard disk maintenance software, such as Disk Defragmenter.
  4. Use anti-virus software to scan the device and remove viruses, if any.

Problems Caused by Not Cleaning the Computer

Neglecting the regular maintenance of the computer and not cleaning it constantly may lead to the occurrence of several problems that limit the performance of the computer, including:

  • Hard disk failure. The existence of software that exploits most computer resources.
  • Presence of viruses.This may disrupt the system, and that leads to lower computer performance.
  • Lack of hard disk storage space. This may be the result of many programs that run immediately after starting the operating system.
  • Dust accumulation in the device. This will increase its temperature, and thus its performance will decrease.

Formatting the hard disk

Sometimes the computer user may have to format the hard disk in order to delete all files, due to a significant decrease in the performance of the device, or a system defect that cannot be repaired by simple methods. 

Disk formatting can be done using specific software to reformat the hard drive. You can also use the CD for installing the Windows operating system.

Done in these simple steps:

  • Turn on the device and insert the Windows CD.
  • Restart the machine, and press any key on the keyboard when the Windows operating system prompts for it.
  • Select the language, and then go to the next page by clicking on the Next button.
  • Click on the install now button.
  •  After accepting the usage license, press the Next button to go to the next page.
  • On the Choose Download Type page, choose Custom, and then you will go to the hard disk configuration page.
  • Delete all partitions of the hard disk.
  • Click on the partition labeled as Unallocated.
  • Choose the size of the new partition to be created. And in the event that one large partition is to be made that uses all the hard disk space, then the size of the partition is chosen the size of the hard disk itself.
  • Click on the Format Hard Disk Drive button.

You can make more than one division as desired. Simply use the same way as the previous three steps.

  • When finished, choose the partition you want to install the Windows operating system on, and then press the Next button.
  • Follow the instructions shown, and upon completion, the Windows operating system will be successfully installed.

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