Landscaping Your Home

Landscaping Your Home

Home landscaping and gardening is one of the arts of home decoration. You may already have a beautiful garden but with the right additions it may end up being one of your homes most attractive area. You can add more effort and comfort by putting well selected pieces, garden umbrellas, parachutes, seats etc. Other tools and methods can be used as well including bird feeders and statues to add some classy appeal to your garden.

Give your garden a little bit of simplicity plus sophistication transforming it into the go to place to hang out and relax. You’ll be astonished by its natural beauty, elegance and beauty giving it a sense of a tropical feeling also making it look larger than it actually is.

You can decorate your garden by using plants. Plants such as rare, exotic flowers with distinctive beauty and fragrant aroma. You can plant them in the grass, or in vases and some antiques.

The goal in coordination home gardening and decoration is the comfort of the family. Bear in mind that the needs and desires of the family change as the family members change or increase in number.

A garden always needs maintenance so before choosing plants, you should know some plants require great effort and special attention.  You should know which plants are appropriate for each weather or climate. Here are some basics you shouldn’t overlook when thinking of garden decorating.

Basics of garden decorations

First and foremost you should think about the garden and plant fences. For example, vegetables fences- these are plants that are planted in adjacent regular rows which in the end make a wall or fence. Examples of these plants are false jasmine, didonia, madras thorn, conocarpus etc.

Then you can plant short bushes near the entrance at the house door. This will enhance and determine around the door. You can also plant some short trees or shrubs on the outer wall of the garden. This helps to reduce noise and dust. The most common home garden shrubs are palm Mariam, glass mattress, hib, lantana, fennel, myrtle, tecoma, conocarpus, henna dates etc. The height of some shrubs ranges from 3-4 meters. Points that must be taken into account when choosing plants:

  1. Check which home garden plants are available.
  2. Select the most suitable plants in terms of weather, temperature, wind, water quantity, soil type etc.
  3. Choose plants that are easy to grow and take care of. Preferably to select plants loved by family members.
  4. Grow small plants under the window.
  5. Use some fragrant plants.
  6. Do not grow large, thorny and toxic plants. If you like some of them, do not grow them near an entrance or children’s play areas but rather far.
  7. Grow different types and shapes of plants.
  8. Grow plants that have coloured leaves.
  9. Don’t over crowd the garden with plants. Place the plants that need the most care near the house and others out of sight.
  10. Attach a water hose so the family can enjoy watering the plants.

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