Smart Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

Smart Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

While you’re in the kitchen, wiping kitchen surfaces, washing dishes and keeping tabs on the fridge everyday will prevent messes. Below are all the things you can do to keep your kitchen clean at all times.

Keep Dishes Clean

Are you a person who tends to let your dishes pile up in the sink just to avoid having to wash them? If you are, try this easy trick for a few days; as you start thinking of washing dishes, set a timer and find out how long it actually took you to do it.

Cleaning a burnt pot

If your pot has been badly burnt, you can clean it easily without having to scrub it. Pour some baking soda into the pan all around the burnt area, then pour in enough hot water to fill the pot up halfway. Once the water has cooled down, put in your sponge and start scrubbing out the scorch. Pour the solution out and wash it with hot soapy water.

Cleaning your sink

The sink, most especially the nozzle can be wiped with an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of bacteria and food particles. The nozzle should be cleaned more often than we think, considering it’s something we touch all the time.

Your sponges should be cleaned a lot more often as well. This can be done by either running them through a microwave or dishwasher. If you’re using a microwave first ensure there’s no metal in the sponge then make it wet and put it in for two minutes and remove it carefully because it will be hot.

What about your sponge holder? Does it have mould and bacterial build-up? You can use a tooth brush dipped in either vinegar or bleach – but don’t ever use both. This is because combining both can cause a chemical reaction. To get rid of mould, wash the sponge with hot soapy water or use a dishwasher.

Keeping surfaces clean

Counters and stovetops can be cleaned by using an all-purpose cleaner. Do it right away because when things spill and drip they get baked if left on for too long without cleaning.

Cleaning a stovetop

You will need something hard to scour away splatters and grease that has baked on. You can then combine a non-scratch dobie pad and powder cleanser to remove stubborn messes. When cleaning steel scrub straight instead of a circular motion.

Cleaning small appliances

The outside part of small appliances like coffee makers, blenders or toasters should be wiped more often with an all-purpose cleanser to prevent grease that comes from cooking. For a deeper clean, remove all the parts that can get off wash them by hand or use a dishwasher. You can use cotton swabs or old toothbrushes to reach hard spots when cleaning.

Cleaning the refrigerator

When you’re about to throw trash out, open up the fridge first and look at what’s inside. Check if there are any leftovers that are spoilt, or if some eggs accidentally broke making the fridge smell. Dump and toss everything that shouldn’t be there anymore.

Cleaning spills in the fridge

When sticky spills are in the fridge, you should soak a sponge in very hot water and press it onto the sticky places until the stickiness starts to loosen. Start wiping away slowly and repeat when needed until everything is completely clean.

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