What Do They Wear In Rwanda?

What Do They Wear In Rwanda?

Clothes are definitely a big part of any person’s life. In fact based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs pyramid, clothing is considered a physiological need which means it is a basic necessity for any human being. Rwandans are no different and as a matter of fact, over the years they have grown to be very trendy and have taken quite an interest in being stylish. Even with second-hand clothes banned, the fashion industry keeps growing, whether it’s for an event or just every day dressing, Rwandans have various options when it comes to picking out what to wear.

Western Wear

In the everyday life of Rwandans, they have been inspired to dress just like the western world does. When heading to work, men may choose to wear suits or a more simplified office wear such as slacks and a shirt which is most popular especially among the youth in the country, while casual dressing usually includes jeans, shorts, hoodies, T-shirts, sneakers etc.

While the women, just like all other parts of the world, can pick from a range of clothing. A more professional look may comprise of suit pants and suit skirts that can be worn with an appropriate blouse. Or they can opt for a suitable dress and jacket instead. Casual looks for women in Rwanda include oversized jackets, cardigans, denim shorts and skirts, baggy pants, shirts, scarves, boots, short and long dresses, leggings, blouses and jeans, among others.

Traditional Wear

Dancing is one of the utmost important traditions in Rwanda. Among some of the cultural dances in Rwanda, is the Intore Dance, usually performed at ceremonies. The Intore dancing traditional wear for men includes; ankle length skirts, ankle belts, different coloured bead head bands, a traditional head wear with grass wigs, a stick expressing a spear and a shield.

The women wear the Mushanana which comprises of an infolded skirt

clustered at the hips and a band cloth wrapped over one shoulder, normally worn over a tank top. The Mushanana is commonly worn when dancing. But is also used mostly by ushers during occasions such as weddings, parties, funerals, graduations, church events etc.

Kitenge Wear

The Kitenge is a thick quality African textured fabric that is printed using spinning machines. Market stalls in Rwanda are filled with different coloured and textured fabrics. These pieces of material are not only found in Rwanda but in countries all over Africa. Including but not limited to Algeria, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and DRC. Unique and authentic designs can be created from these Kitenge fabrics. With also the common ones being skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, and accessories such as bracelets and earrings. This usually colorful fabric allows you to get creative with your outfits.Therefore, if you prefer to buy the cloth and craft your own design from scratch you can. Or you can simply buy them ready made though these might be a bit more expensive.

Where to buy clothes

Clothes, you can get them easily almost anywhere in the city, either from physical stores or online websites. There are many different accessible stores with different types of clothing, trendy styles and unique designs. However if you don’t feel like walking from store to store. And would like to shop from the comfort of your home, you most definitely can. Have a look at the most common websites and stores that are listed below.

Online Websites

Physical Stores

  • Rwanda Clothing Store
  • Haute Baso
  • Moshions
  • Z&V
  • UZI Collections
  • Injogi
  • M&M
  • Chic Building
  • Mic Building
  • Kigali City Market
  • KBC Building
  • Kigali Heights

As presented above, it is clear that Rwandan nationals are quite a fashionable group of individuals. Who enjoy dressing well and looking good as they will take up any opportunity provided to dress up. With all these available stores both online and physical, people in the country are constantly rocking all types of different clothing. Whether simply strolling down the street or attending a fancy wedding, Rwandans tend to always look stylish. So. visit the stores or click on the links provided above. In order to catch a glimpse of the few items most people in the country are interested in lately.

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