Where Can I Eat In Kigali?

Where Can I Eat In Kigali?

If you really love tasting different cuisines. Are you just starving and can’t really find the best place for your cravings? Wondering to yourself ” where can i eat in Kigali?” Look no further because below are a selection of restaurants offering a variety of different foods from all over the world.  Kigali has lots of eateries, all with unique types of food, décor and setting. However, this might be a little confusing if you’re not sure whether they have what you want.

Khana Khazana

Khana Khazana has two branches, one in Kiyovu and another one in Nyarutarama. Both branches offer the same food but in different locations with different views. It is rated as one of the best Indian restaurants in Kigali, offering halal, vegetarian and gluten free selections. They have an extensive menu with several mouth-watering dishes including; chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, Tandoori chicken, among others. Perfect atmosphere for a family dinner or date night.

Inka Steakhouse

Located in Kimihurura – Rugando. Inka Steakhouse is a very cosy restaurant with a European cuisine and gluten free selections. Also well-known for having the sweetest and most flavorful steak in Kigali. In addition its romantic setting and perfectly arranged seats makes it the best scene for an intimate dinner. So, head down to Inka Steakhouse to enjoy an afternoon or evening of delicious food, cocktails and wine.  As well as that it is designed with a warm interior, a beautiful view of the city and a fireplace. Where else would you want to be?

Repub Lounge

Repub Lounge is a two-story bar and grill restaurant located at the centre of Kimihurura. With its astonishing vegetarian friendly cuisine and East African specialities, it serves to be the spot for those craving authentic food from across the region. It offers a variety of local food. And you can enjoy your meal upstairs with a delightful view or downstairs with live music/band. It is stunningly decorated with lovely African furniture and homey ambiance. Ideal for large groups or date nights.

Five to Five Hotel – Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the premises of Five to Five Hotel in Remera. Therefore, not very far from the airport and close to Amahoro Stadium. With a diversity of International cuisines and splendid wine, being vegetarian friendly and offering a countless taste of delicious food; such as, roasted chicken, the East African Nyama-Choma and Rwandan local food. Five to Five Hotel – Restaurant serves to be the perfect place to see the incredible view of Kigali from the second floor and is open 24/7.  

Burger Planet

If you are looking for the most delicious burgers in Kigali, Burger Planet is the place to be. This real American diner also serves a variety of fast food and beverage options; such as fries, hotdogs, milkshakes, ice-cream and more. It is located at KBC building, in Kacyiru. And also has a lovely view of the main road, Kigali Heights and the Kigali Convention Centre. Burger Planet has a wide, colourful setting and a thriving décor. It is also clean making it the perfect place for casual lunch or dinner with friends/colleagues.

The Hut

The Hut is located in Kimihurura – Rugando, right behind Kigali Convention Centre. It has a local cuisine, a menu with several picks, sweet cocktails and different dishes. These being vegan options, curry dishes, fish tacos, avocado fries, among others. The Hut is in a lovely, wide and spacious environment. In addition has a lovely view of Kigali hills from the outdoor terrace. With a large parking space outside and free Wi-Fi, The Hut serves as a perfect location for date nights.


Choma’D is a bar and restaurant located on the main road in the neighbourhood of Nyarutarama. Offering a large parking area and unique bench-like seats. It’s free-spirited environment, glass jar Cocktails and delicious food will get you coming back every weekend, especially the famous BBQ. Choma’D offers local and international music, open air space and a decent view. So, making it a delightful place to enjoy lunch, a night out or evening drinks with friends/colleagues.

Casa Keza

This Mediterranean restaurant in Kacyiru, near Inema Arts Centre is serving a mix of Rwandan and Spanish cuisine. Special meals can also be made for you if you have allergies. The restaurant has a hidden garden with lively music, a beautiful setting, a fire place and lights hanging from above. Casa Keza offers amazing food and drinks including; Tapas, Sangria and gluten free options. It is very child friendly and has a fashion boutique with some dresses and jackets.

Heaven Restaurant & Boutique Hotel

Heaven Restaurant is inside a Boutique Hotel, located in the quiet neighbourhood of Kiyovu. It offers an African cuisine with fresh, well spiced food and vegetarian dishes. The outdoor sanctuary with trees surrounding the lovely terrace makes this a beautiful setting for romantic evenings as you enjoy the creative, unique desserts and cocktails. On your way in or out don’t forget to check out the inspiring Art and Azizi gift shop.


A small and cosy French restaurant located in Kimihurura. The menu is extremely creative with a variety of meats, freshly prepared for you on the grill, French wine and a wide selection of delicious food including; frog legs, steak tartar, snails and dauphin Oise potato. If you want to dine as a family, this is the place. For it keeps children entertained with the children’s room offering different toys. It has a quiet and charming outdoor garden. So, its romantic setting makes it the perfect spot for a date night and an escape of the daily chaos.

Sole Luna

Sole Luna is a Mediterranean restaurant in Kimihurura. Offering a great wine list and amazing Italian food including; all types of pizza, gnocchi, mascarpone, tiramisu and pasta with home delivery readily available. Also Sole Luna is located in a quiet and clean neighbourhood. Get a taste of Italy in Kigali as you head there in the evening to see the stunning view and sunset over the terrace. Guess what? Every Monday you will find trivia night and winners get free food and drinks.


Lalibela is an African but most especially Ethiopian restaurant located in Kimihurura. Enjoy the full Ethiopian experience at Lalibela with good music and delectable food such as; Injera, vegetable buffets and Ethiopian coffee. Also the décor has papyrus, reed and bamboo bringing the setting to a complete beauty. You may choose to sit outside in the grass to feel the fresh breeze from the trees. There are two grass areas, each with a dining table that sits five people.

Meze Fresh

Meze fresh is a Mexican restaurant in Kacyiru, not far from Kigali Convention Centre and Kigali Heights. The décor is unquestionably lovely. They have healthy food, cocktails, smoothies and vegetarian options as well. The food includes; burritos, quesadilla, tortillas and tacos. The food is prepared at the counter, where you choose the toppings and it is ready in about 5 minutes. After getting your meal, you can sit either downstairs or upstairs where the beautiful view of the city can be seen.

Green Corner

Being one of the best local restaurants in Kigali and located in Nyamirambo, the neighbourhood that never sleeps, Green Corner is commonly known for its scrumptious grilled fish but also appears to be the ideal place to get a taste of Rwanda’s famously delicious goat brochettes and chicken that is served with chips, lemon and usually no cutlery, the guests are to wash their hands with the warm water provided and dig in.  This local restaurant has a nice open scenery that has a stunning view at night.


This fine Italian restaurant is situated in Kacyiru, near the US Embassy and offers a quiet, cosy, candlelit atmosphere with a well-supplied wine cellar specifically selected from Italy, France and South Africa. Brachetto offers overloading buffet tables at lunchtime which is one of the best in the city as this restaurant mixes local and imported ingredients to form an exceptional experience.

Bamboo Rooftop Restaurant

Bamboo Rooftop Restaurant is an Asian restaurant downtown of Kigali. Once you’re inside T2000 building head to the 5th floor where you will find a wide, lovely atmosphere. They have a creative menu with healthy Chinese food which is served in large portions. It is spacious and incredibly child friendly with a small playground to entertain kids as you enjoy a relaxing meal. By the terrace, you will be able to see the breath-taking view of the lights and hills especially at night/evening hours. Enjoy the delightful cocktails on happy hour where you order one drink and get the second one for free.

Afrika Bite

Afrika Bite, situated in Kimihurura is a small family restaurant serving local/Rwandan food. They offer drinks and a buffet at a cheap price with food such as; Vegetable stew, rice, cassava, plantain, matoke, potatoes, chapatti, beans and more depending on what day it is. Being quite popular among locals, Afrika Bite is usually full especially during lunch hours. If you’ve never had a taste of the local Rwandan food this is the best place to try it.

Now Now Rolex

Now Now Rolex is a small, bright restaurant on the streets of Kimihurura. It has an amazing outdoor vibe with a colourful kitenge décor and Ankara furniture. Now Now Rolex specialises in making the rolex, a snack made up of an omelette rolled up in chapatti bread. It is prepared in a very short amount of time and is quite cheap. The restaurant serves a variety of snacks including; the french rolex, cheddar bacon rolex and chapattis among others. Do not forget to get a taste of their matchless signature cocktails as well; one being, the tree tomato gin.


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is an American fast food restaurant. It is located on the main road in Remera, making it easily accessible. It is the newest addition to Kigali’s restaurant scene and is already quite popular. Once at KFC you will get to taste their crunchy fried chicken, fries, chicken wraps and Krushers. Or if in a hurry, pick and enjoy your food from the drive-through. KFC is the perfect place to go with family and friends as it offers a wide variety of mouth-watering desserts.

Poivre Noire

Poivre Noire is a French/Belgian restaurant in Kimihurura. It has a beautiful outdoor garden and a pleasant terrace where one can enjoy a smoke as you catch a glimpse of the view. Therefore you can enjoy some fine French wine and food such as; The Portobello mushroom entrée if you are looking for a delicious vegetarian option and chocolate mousse for dessert. The lighting is dim with a dreamy atmosphere, making it a lovely and intimate environment for a date or couples night.

Java House

Java house is fast food/Mexican restaurant with two branches in Kigali; one in Remera and another one in Kacyiru inside Kigali Heights. However they both have extensive menus with the same enjoyable food including; fajitas, burritos, chicken salads, burgers and more. Java house has seats both inside and outside. The one in Remera has a view of the busy road where you can see lots of different people and movement. Java house in Kacyiru has a wide terrace. Where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a soft breeze and an eye-catching view of the Kigali Convention Centre. Without a doubt, this is the perfect place to hang out with friends, work or have a business meeting

Zen Oriental

In the quarter of Nyarutarama, you will find this Asian restaurant located on the main road. It serves delicious Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisines that are very well presented. Zen Oriental is situated in a lovely and clean environment with a large open space and spectacular view of the city. The hut-like roof and freshly cut green garden allows for a cool atmosphere in order to help you relax as you enjoy your meal. Home delivery is also quite popular with this restaurant.

Mr Chips

Mr Chips is a fast food restaurant in Nyarutarama, close to the MTN centre. It is not too fancy but is simple and with delicious food; this includes burgers, fries, chicken, pizza and hotdogs. One must go inside to order at the counter then get the food served to your table or packed for take away. With the tables set outdoors, a clear view of the main road and the food being reasonably priced. In that case, Mr Chips is the perfect place to hang out, usually in the evening and have a bite with friends/colleagues.

KISEKI Authentic Japanese Restaurant

KISEKI Authentic Japanese Restaurant is an Asian restaurant situated in Kimihurura across from Mamba Club. It is has an indoor setting and a brilliant African and colourful décor. There is a range of food choices to pick from such as the local lunch buffet and other Japanese food including; sushi, musubi rolls, tempura, seafood and many more. The name says it all so head to Kiseki for an authentic Japanese taste of their green tea and green tea ice-cream. It is child friendly with a quiet outdoor playing area.

Monmartse Korean Restaurant

Monmartse Korean Restaurant is an Asian Restaurant, near Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Nyarutarama. They have an amazing healthy and flavourful Korean cuisine including; Kimchi, bibimbap, pickled radish, japchae. The restaurant is not very fancy but is definitely down to earth and you will enjoy the food and the fresh atmosphere out in the garden. Also the prices are incredibly affordable for such delicious meals and is a lovely place for family dinners.

Umut Café & Restaurant

This fast food Turkish eatery located at the foot of Chic building, downtown Kigali is very popular among foreigners and locals. It is commonly known for its easily accessible venue that is surrounded by different shops and banks. Without a doubt, the meals are creatively served and are usually in large portions. With its cosy setting indoors and the outdoors usually occupied by smaller groups. And known as the smoking area, you can decide between a more intimate dinner and catching a glimpse of the spectacular scenery of the city from outside.


Placed at Kisimenti, the centre of the busy neighbourhood of Remera. Canaberra is well-known for its unique coffee cups, delicious fast and local food. That is usually enjoyed for lunch or dinner. The entrance is through a stunningly and uniquely decorated corridor. It has an opening on the left side where the main restaurant is. For a more private experience, one will continue walking the corridor to the back. Where you will find a large and dim setting.

Pili Pili

This exquisite restaurant at the top of a hill in the quarter of Kibagabaga. Not only is it popular for its outstanding view of the city but also includes a glimpse of the Kigali Convention Centre. Pili Pili has a large parking area outside with cabs and motos readily available for those not driving. Towards the right of the wheelchair friendly entrance is a gift shop with all sorts of souvenirs. So, visit on Wednesdays and Sundays for a full house and lively experience.

Borneo Indonesian Restaurant

This Asian restaurant located in Kimihurura. It provides a unique addition to the restaurant scene in Kigali. Being the only Indonesian restaurant in the country. And with its authentic local ingredients from the island of Borneo, this restaurant serves to be a must visit. One can reserve seats ,pre-order through WhatsApp or a quick phone call for the servings that take longer to prepare. And also if the portion is too big, you can always take it away.

In order to access these restaurants, you can tour around the city and discover them. Or you can check online websites, apps and platforms such as;

With most of these being hidden gems, bringing them to light gives you an idea of where to head to when you feel like dining out in Kigali. With the many options ranging from Asian to local. As a result, you will not have a hard time figuring out where to stop for a bite. So, go ahead and pick a restaurant and visit today!

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