Decide On What Is Better? Job or Self-employment?

Decide On What Is Better? Job or Self-employment?

Have you ever dreamed of being your very own boss? Does this work for you? Are you able to manage a project? Or will you long for the fixed wage that you get for working in a job within a company or organization.

Some say if you want a never-ruthless boss, you have to work for yourself. Self-employment has many advantages and attractions. Also being self-employed means you’d never have to ask for a leave. And get to choose what you want to do and enjoy flexibility.

However, it may not be as rosy as it seems. Being your own boss means that you bear full responsibility and you are the only person responsible for success and loss. There are many advantages and disadvantages for both self-employment and job. Below we review some of them to help you make the decision:

The best ways to organize work and increase productivity


Would you make more, less, or roughly the same amount of profits if you were self-employed? In general, you will earn more per hour of work for yourself than you will earn as an employee. If you work as a piece-worker or if you are a contractor then you will face many challenges without form, and you may go through some pitfalls, which may reduce your income.

The benefits

Basic earnings only tell one side of the story. If you are lucky and your boss is a good person, you can expect to enjoy many benefits as an employee. Benefits such as bonuses, ongoing support, free or low-fee gym memberships, health insurance, free transportation, and many other plans.

Health insurance

Business owners and officials are legally obligated to provide health insurance to employees. It covers all expenses related to employee sickness and injury to any damage due to work. They are also obligated to pay material compensation if the employee files any lawsuit against them.

You will not get this benefit if you work for yourself. However you can insure your life against accidents, or life insurance for you and your family members. It will help you if you are exposed to any financial problems, in addition to covering any costs you spend for health reasons.

For job security

How safe do you feel when working for yourself? On the other hand, how safe do you feel when you are an employee of a company? Think about answering both questions and at the end of the day you will be the only one to make a decision.

You may feel some security while working for a large company. Because being an employee has many advantages and benefits that you might take for granted, such as paid time off, sick leave and maternity / paternity leave etc. However, if you want to work for yourself, you will have to think about these matters and rearrange them.

Balance between work and personal life

Among the most important advantages of working for yourself is flexibility. You are able to choose the number of working hours, taking time off whenever you want, or working anywhere in the world. Working for yourself will give you a very important advantage in being able to manage your professional and personal life and achieve the balance that many strive for. At the same time, you need to be careful of your time, which means you don’t spend too much time on vacation and work well.

On the other hand, if you are an employee and you want to strike a balance between your work and personal life. You should talk to your boss, and ask him help you. For instance; allowing you to work from home.

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