How to Open a Shop On Catchyz

How to Open a Shop On Catchyz

What is a shop?

The shops we have on Catchyz are online shops. The same way you would have your own physical store but this one is online. Basically, an online shop allows you to sell goods and services on the internet with the use a web browser/mobile app.

Steps in creating a shop

The first step is to find access to the catchyz website or mobile application. The process is the same for both.

When creating a shop through catchyz website you should first go to your browser and type You should first create an account before opening a shop. Once you have your catchyz account, you’ll go to shops that’s located at the top of the homepage. It is in between your profile and languages. When you click “shops” you will see a list of all the shops on Catchyz. On the right side of the website there’s an option for “+ Open your shop now”. The next step is where you choose the package you want – either Gold or Silver. Then you select one package and you’ll be directed to the page where you will open a shop.

The other option is to create the shop through Catchyz mobile application. You can start by downloading it from IOS app store or android play store. Search “catchyz”, then download/install the app. When that is done, you open the application, create an account and then create the shop. To create the shop, you go to the top of the screen where you will see shops. Click on “shops” then “+create your shop now”. Next click “one free month” and start creating your shop.

Now you are going to create your shop. The first thing is to add a shop logo from your gallery. Once you’re done, add a cover picture then move on to the category of the shop. The categories include;

  • Vehicles
  • Mobile phones & Tablets
  • Electronics & Appliances
  • Real Estate
  • Home & Garden
  • Baby & Kids
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Jobs
  • Job seekers
  • Business & industrial
  • Services
  • Pets
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Books, sport, music & other

After you select the category that best fits your shop, you add the name of your shop, address, email, phone number, call time and more information about it.

About section

In the “About” section you write more about your shop. The information should be interesting and create an impression directly of your brand or products. You should convey key information about your business that will turn profile visitors into followers and followers into customers.

When you’re done you done your shop is ready to be created.

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