Internet Developing Stages

Internet Developing Stages

The internet has been developing since 1958, all the way up until 2011. The internet throughout time has been known as a massive worldwide network used to help connect lives together from different parts of the world. The internet itself and how it was formed in different development stages to combine computers and integrate them together into a single information system is quite remarkable. 

Starting in 1958, President Eisenhower had formed a new establishment named (ARPA); The Advanced Research Projects Agency. This was the first stage for the development of the internet; by 1961, a breakthrough in data transfers became possible for the first time within a computer network. Data was able to be transmitted in small parts, creating a simplified principle where data was easily transferred. Not until 1965, exactly 4 years later, did Lawrence G. Roberts with the involvement of Thomas Merrill discovered and created the very first Wide –Area Computer Network by connecting 2 computers with a telephone line, from Massachusetts, USA to California, USA, hence the term Wide-Area, as for the first time a network was reachable from a wide distance coverage. This was a major breakthrough for what was about to be known as, The Internet, where computer networks could connect from far and wide in communication and transference of data. 1 year later, 1969, ARPANET was developed, the computer network system began to operate, and by 1971, the Electronic Mail system, better known as (E-Mail) was established, the next stage which was going to change the world forever.

Communication changed and people were able to send messages through a computer no matter where they were. By 1974, society had officially established this system as The Internet; the interworking system had developed at this stage until 1976, when the Ethernet was developed. The Ethernet better known as (LAN) Local Area Network, pushed the boundaries of the internet development stage to new heights, many companies, schools, governments, businesses, etc, could share a network in the office because of it, simplifying everything work related. 

In 1982, the Internet Protocol emerged, (TCP/IP), a basic communication language used by the internet users. Then, by 1991; thanks to the internet Protocol, the World Wide Web, was born. Known as WWW, hypertext documents technology, everyone knows it, uses it and is used to it. A way for users to surf the internet, housing many, many established websites for people, steadily the World Wide Web began growing after this year. However by this time also, computer viruses began forming because of it. In 1993, with the previous growing years since the World Wide Web was established, more was being developed onto the internet, such as the first ever radio broadcasts and the first ever search engines and browsers.

The following year, 1994, more additions were added towards the internet development stages; the first online shopping came to reality, online banking and online marketing. By just 5 years more into the future, the internet and its importance in people’s lives began to skyrocket at a very fast rate, with more and more being added to it of websites and functions, so by the time it was 1999; and music was another trending aspect on the internet, a censorship for MP3 Audio was imposed by a large number of nations, a major stage in the development process. Between the year 1999 and 2009, the internet grew to unprecedented heights, with millions of websites established, an incredibly large and uncountable amount of data registered, a decade of phenomenal growth.

By the year 2010, the internet development stage reached one of its most memorable achievements; space expansion. The internet was now accessible to the international space station crew, a direct link to the world. The scope or the Wide Area network had literally now gone out of this world. A report made in 2011 states that the internet had amassed 357 Million by the beginning of August, 2011. By 2012, the internet had registered 620 Million Websites. Today, 2021, the internet is currently holding 1.6 Billion websites, with only 15% of those websites active, the largest year in the entirety of its development stage. With over 4.5 Billion registered users to date, the internet has been growing since its initial formation stage back in 1958, cutting across the entire globe in all parts, rural, developing and prosperous areas. 

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