Increase Your Tyres Lifespan

Increase Your Tyres Lifespan

Tyres are the most important part of your car. After all, you wouldn’t really get anywhere without them. Our tyres cannot last forever but they’re some things you can do that can prolong their life.

Check your tyre pressure every month

Driving with low pressure tyres is the fastest way to finish up their lifespan. Not only that but it also increases fuel consumption. If your tyres are under inflated, they will create more heat, leading to blowouts therefore making them more likely to puncture. You should prioritize checking your tyre pressure regularly and inflate them. However, contrariwise, if your tyres are over inflated, blowouts leading to them wearing out faster. That’s why making sure your tyres are properly inflated lets them last longer, and keeps you safer.

Rotate them regularly 

Whether you notice signs of wearing and tearing or you don’t, make sure to rotate your tyres every 5,000 to 10,000 km. As your corresponding to your driving habits. The front and rear tyres do different things, so rotating them is essential to even out the wear and tear while also maximising your tyre life. Rotating your tyres will not only let you take the necessary actions to prevent uneven tread wear, it also keeps you updated on the state of your tyres and how safe they are.

Align them regularly 

Just like tyre rotation, your suspension alignment should be checked every 5,000 to 10,000 km. When your wheels are not aligned, your tyre treads will definitely wear out unevenly. Proper alignment will help you make sure your tyres have the best possible contact with the road. And won’t wander or pull to one side when you’re steering. Misalignment could lead to an increase in fuel consumption, uneven tyre wear and more dangerous consequences like e.g. difficulties maintaining control of the car.  So if you get your tyres aligned more regularly, you can help make sure your treads wear evenly and last longer.

Avoid curbs at all costs

The next time you’re tempted to drive above a curb to get to the turning lane faster, tell yourself how this is a bad idea. This is because every time you hit the curb, you cause damage to your tyres and then increase your chances of triggering cracks to the tyre sidewalls. Avoid thumping curbs by being aware at all times and using your mirrors to park carefully. The way you drive your car greatly affects how your tyres wear and how long they’ll last. Smoother gear changes, gentler braking, acceleration and cornering can all help to prevent unnecessary wear to your tyres.

Pay attention to road hazards

Hitting speed bumps, potholes, driving too fast, driving on coarse roads and braking too soon can have a damaging effect to your tyre. At the same time sometimes these hazards are inevitable. So do your best to look in advance. And scope out any road works so you can plan an alternate route. If you must drive over a dip or speed bump, slow down as much as likely beforehand to reduce your risk of damage.
To help prolong the life of your new tyres is to pay attention to the road surface and your surroundings. Whether it’s potholes, uneven roads or even just not parking too near to an edge. You should be careful when you drive not only keeps you safe but gives your tyres an extended lifespan too.

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