Road Safety and The Prevention of Traffic Accidents

Road Safety and The Prevention of Traffic Accidents

Road safety

Road safety means qualifying people and teaching them how to drive safely. It is managed through a set of international laws and agreements that are proposed and are subsequently negotiated by governments, then these rules become mandatory for countries that join these conventions.

These rules deal with several items, including:

  • Traffic rules
  • Traffic signals
  • Road infrastructure
  • Technical inspection of vehicles
  • Safe transportation of dangerous goods and materials, etc

These agreements primarily aim to enhance road safety and facilitate commercial and tourist movement on international roads.

Prevention of traffic accidents

Driving slowly

Drivers must drive carefully and slowly, and constantly monitor their speed. Excessive speed causes a lot of people to die, damage to cars, including fines and financial violations that result from excessive speed.

Put on safety belt

The driver must always wear a seat belt. This is inevitable under traffic laws in many countries of the world. Children, especially those under the age of 8, must always sit in child seats designated for sitting in cars, and these seats must be properly installed in the back seat of the car. They may not be attached to the front passenger seat, as seat belts in cars must be used in order to maintain the security and safety of all passengers in the car. Regardless of where they sit, or the type of vehicle they are riding.

Driving off the fast lane

It is preferable for the driver to adhere to the right or middle lane while driving, and to try to stay as far as possible from the fast lane. Especially since most traffic happens on the highway. In the event that he is committed to driving in the middle lanes, and the driver notices the presence of a person or driver who appears to be about to cause a traffic problem, then he will be able to get away from them, as well as avoid any potential accidents.

Hold the steering wheel correctly

It is recommended that the driver hold the steering wheel with both hands. It’s not permissible to drive using one hand, and he must place them correctly while driving.

Be careful when crossing the green light

The driver must pay attention to the traffic around him before continuing on his way when the traffic light lights up green. He must look well in all directions around him at least twice. He must make sure that no driver tries to pass the yellow or red light, and the driver is also advised to monitor the side mirrors of his car well to avoid blind spots.

Reduce night driving

It is preferable to reduce driving during the night period as much as possible, regardless of the strength or weakness of the driver’s eyesight. Driving at night is generally more difficult and dangerous than driving during the day. This makes the driver more vulnerable to accidents if he is driving at night. This is due to several reasons, the most important of which is low visibility in the dark and lack of clarity, in addition to the presence of a greater percentage of reckless and reckless drivers during the night.

Regular maintenance of the car

The driver must always take care of conducting a periodic inspection on the car by dealing with a professional and specialized car technician. There are a number of things that must be done periodically. The most important of which is to ensure that the car tires are not worn out. It is also necessary to make sure to check for any strange sounds from the car and it is working properly.

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