Life Hacks

So you got a new puppy? Now what? You obviously love and adore your puppy but his barking, chewing and incorrect behavior could be driving you crazy? Do not be sad though, you’re going to learn 10 easy ways to train your puppy at home: Do not yell at your puppy Oh no!  – your […]

Growing a beard can literally change your life. That’s a fact! Not only does it look good but it gives you confidence as well. What is the question – how long does it take to grow a beard or what does it take to grow a beard? You’re going to learn tips & tricks to […]

Well well well! Lets bake a cake without an oven. You’re probably wondering how? wait people do that? Yess they do! And it’s very simple. Read on… Baking cakes has been around for decades. Until today cakes are loved for the marvelous sense of taste they give us. Way before electric ovens were invented, people […]

Raising smart kids is really hard work. It is all about developing their potential, making them all that they can be. Knowing that your kid’s genes are raw materials that you can mold and doing these 20 things will make your kids smarter. Well, doing that work wholeheartedly is certainly demanding, the rewards are priceless […]

Does it feel like your child doesn’t love you as much as you would like him/her to? -I feel you. You love your child and you want to make him/her love you as much as you do. In this article, I’ll tell you how to make your child love you. Honestly, a child’s love doesn’t spring […]

Generally, children love their parents, and so do parents. So, why is communication between parents and children sometimes difficult? What can parents do to be able to talk to their children? This parent-focused article is all about the age-appropriate advice with some gentle reminders about what to say and do to make your parent-child communication […]