The study of Archeology is the study of the past, but more specifically, the study of human activity of the past. By the discovery of old human artifacts, these artifacts are objects, even things like sticks or bones that long gone human beings of old used to use. In its own way, archeology is a […]

Malnutrition refers to the lack, excess or imbalances in a person’s nutrient consumption. Malnutrition has two main sets of conditions. These are caused by either problems absorbing nutrient from food or a lack of enough nutrients in a diet. Below are the two conditions: Nutritional deficiency This is when the body does not get enough […]

The main function of the respiratory system is to transport oxygen from the air to all other parts of the body and get rid of carbon dioxide gas as waste by exhaling. Your lungs are a part of the respiratory system and work together with other organs to help you breathe. Even though all tobacco […]

Birth control pills and weight? Is there relationship here? For many women, fear of gaining weight while using the contraceptive pill is a barrier. However, what is the relationship between birth control pills and weight actually? In this article you’ll find more information about that. Hormonal pills are used as a method of contraception, but […]

A pregnant woman needs special care and attention during her pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered one of the most dangerous and sensitive stages that a female goes through in her life. The care here does not stop with concern for the food intake and seeing the doctor at the specified time only. Instead it extends to […]

Vuba Vuba is an online platform for food ordering and delivery. It launched shortly after Jumia Food had just shut down. Certainly, we all used to use Jumia Food and they left a big gap when they shut down their operations. Owned by Albert Munyabugingo, Jumia Foods former Managing Direcor – Vuba Vuba has still […]