Are you in Rwanda and looking for a the perfect phone? Or wondering ” Where can i buy a phone in Rwanda?” You could be confused on which one is better for you. Because there are many different types of phones in Rwanda. People buy phones according to preferences; it could be that maybe the […]

Isn’t furniture just amazing? Furniture can instantly give you comfort as soon as you walk in. It can change the look of a place drastically. It is also a great way of making use of empty or open space. I know it can be hard to find the exact furniture you want or the colors […]

Clothes are definitely a big part of any person’s life. In fact based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs pyramid, clothing is considered a physiological need which means it is a basic necessity for any human being. Rwandans are no different and as a matter of fact, over the years they have grown to be […]

I just woke up and felt like telling you why the ponytail hairstyle is here to stay – Funny. You probably have had one of those moments when you need to just get that hair out of the vicinity of the face while still looking cute and put-together. Same Sister.  You know what I do? […]

Some think of uniqueness as a goal out of reach. But well, being unique is easy when done smart. Yes, there will be people who are similar to you in some ways, wear similar clothes, and have similar ideas but there will never be a person who can replicate your experiences, thoughts, experiences, and ideas […]

In this article am going to share simple but essential daily makeup hacks. Anyways, let me first tell you a short story. I’ve come across some colleagues who think they look cute without makeup. Eventually, they realized that makeup gives them such an extra bit of control over their skin. Results? -Now they don’t feel […]