Hairstyles There are different types of impressive and inspiring hairstyles in Rwanda. There are several styles ranging from braids, afros, curls to long straight hair. However, people’s hairstyles depends on their personality and their preferences. So, sometimes what’s easier to manage is what people go for. Looking for something new? Something stylish? Below are the […]

Every child develops or grows at different paces. But starts doing specific skills around the same time. For example – Skills like languages, walking, crawling, running etc. Children have difficulties doing these.So they end up socially isolating themselves. In order to care for them it’s better to detect autism at an early stage. What is […]

Your hair might not be growing as long as you want it to grow or it is growing really slowly. Hair also goes through a bunch of phases just like our skin. Scalp massages not only promote hair growth but they also relieve tension and stress. The answer to this is in your fingertips – […]

Most women braid their hair to take a break from combing, styling and other things that damage and break their hair. Whatever the reason may be – Ladies! please you still need to take care of the braids and maintain your hair beneath the braids. If you care for them well, they will last longer […]