10 Steps To Get Over a Breakup

10 Steps To Get Over a Breakup

A relationship gone sour is never good, it’s actually quite stressful. Both the youth and adults seem to be on this spiral of confusion when it comes to love interests. They end up making more mistakes than finding reason. The end result is always usually complications and heartbreak. Here are some ways to get over what you may have gone through:


Therapy is one of the best ways for people with severe sadness due to a bad past relationship to find some relief. Visiting a licensed therapist in experience with handling the emotions of people is a good effort to avoid further unnecessary stress. Getting some insight on where things went wrong, understanding the things you couldn’t control and making peace with it will help broken hearted people to heal and move on. The entire help could help you better re-evaluate it as a whole and know the wisdom behind its shortcomings. 

Take a vacation

If you ever feel overwhelmed with emotion, it’s not a bad idea to take a short trip somewhere nice to help distract you and get you moving forward. Sometimes people get so upset with a break-up that they discard the rest of their lives not seeing what they have in front of them. Be aware of the benefits you have and what other things you should be grateful for, take advantage of them to help you out.

A vacation is an excellent example of those benefits, travel somewhere nice, meet new people, or go with old friends, visit nice locations that will help humble your mind and heart and soul, inevitably letting you let go of a bad relationship, so you may come back refreshed with a new perspective. It also gives you other benefits like self care, by hanging out on a beach and taking in nature, it’s a damn good way to help you get distracted from what’s behind you and look to what is in front of you.

Get Fit

Exercise or any form of training course is a great way to relieve your stress and get you back on track. Feelings sometimes need to be handled with discipline, what better way than to get you feeling better than exercise and training. Maybe you take up boxing or martial arts, beat out all that emotional fatigue, get rid of all those negative energies and refresh yourself with a new positive mindset and outlook. Not only are you getting better but your reaping the fruits of that labor, getting fit, getting in shape, looking good, feeling good, staying happy. 

Stay away from triggers

Sometimes you go on social media to try to find out what your ex is about. Stalking after a breakup is never good and it only brings pain to you. The other person may be going through some sort of healing process just like you. However, when you seek them out, you’re the one that’s not moving forwards and they are. It’s not healthy, you need to stay away from these triggers. Social media is a major trigger, better to keep away from it until you actually get over your ex. 

Go outdoors more

It’s never a bad idea to re-organize your daily routine. If you were dating someone and having a certain life routine, their absence may affect it. So change it up, do things that you didn’t do before, break the cycle of daily routine, go outside and see what else the world is up to. Walk in the park every day after work, go to a café or go see a movie. Keep yourself out of your home for as much as you can. This is so you don’t wallow in loneliness and despair of an ex not being there as they used to. Do this for a good enough while until you feel you can comfortably stay home longer without them. This clears your head and heart and the fresh air is always good for you. 


Hang out with your buddies; they can also be a great support system for you when you need them. Talk to them about how you feel, what you went through/ going through, get it out, for free. Friends know how to help you by simply giving you the company you need, when you need it. They remind you of the person you are as they’ve known you and that can help motivate you to move on faster. 

Meet someone new

Meeting someone new can extinguish old flames and help restore that romance again. If you ever feel that you were not good enough for someone, then try to meet someone else. Someone who may see the value of your own self-worth. Don’t be ridiculous about it, just be mature about it. Meet someone who may be able to reproduce those same feelings of peace and comfort you had felt before with your ex. Also someone who can help you feel better about yourself and help you move on. 

Treat yourself

From food, to shopping to other ways of enjoyment in life, find any way possible to treat yourself with things that help you feel better. Maybe buy a new car, or go to the market and see what catches your eye. Try to buy things you may have wanted for yourself before in the past, a watch too, or whatever catches your preference. Go to a nice restaurant and eat food, these things help give you some sense of fulfillment in life and they produce sentimental values, you can transfer your feelings to a new object and it can help ease and distract you from an ex. 

Contemplate about your future

Simply stated, have a sit down and look at your life. What projects have you left behind that may have been a great way to help you move on from an ex. That is, any other life goals you have. Bring them back, think on them, start them and keep working on them. You’re not looking to someone else’s future anymore, you’re focused on your own. In a sense, moving forward with something that needs your attention is an excellent way to distract your emotions from a painful breakup. Do you. 

Be optimistic

As much as you can accept things in life that come your way, never discard anything new. That may be a positive help to your recovery. That is to say yes to things that arrive at your feet, don’t push them away. Any opportunity that has a multitude of benefits in for you Is a good opportunity,. And they can be found anywhere, even at work or home or outside. Keep the light in front of you not behind you.

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