Best Way To Do a Detox

Best Way To Do a Detox

The human body is a machine, it is the carrier of the soul and it must be kept healthy and free of intoxications. However, the soul isn’t perfect and it drives us to situations sometimes where we put those harmful intoxicants into our bodies. From going to parties, to eating unhealthy foods, to having unhealthy habits & never drinking enough water and so on and so forth. The point is, we need to detox our bodies of these things either way, to prevent them from causing fatigue and stress, and there are many ways to do that. 

Sleep early

Sleeping early is one of the easiest and best ways to detox your body. The human body can only function for so long before it requires rest. To avoid fatigue and cut down stress accumulated throughout the day from work and activities. Sleep helps to kill those toxins in your body, so by the next day, you wake up feeling better and refreshed. Sleep is tricky though, the average maximum amount of sleep a person needs in a day is 8 hours, 7 hours at moderate, and 6 hours at most minimum. Beyond these hours or below them is cause for concern and it’s not normal, and bad for your health. 


The most basic form of daily exercise, and better yet its free, meaning you don’t have to always go to the gym. Everyday a good run after work in the evening or one in the morning is an excellent and natural way to detox and keep you fit. Blood circulation and oxygen intake, these help your body function correctly, removing laziness and fatigue by sweating out negative toxicants. 


Drinking water is a human survival necessity. It cannot be stressed enough that you need to drink water every day. The average amount of water needed to be drunk everyday is 1.5 liters to 2 liters. Some people can take up to 3 liters in a day at maximum. Water is vital for your cells and helps to keep you hydrated. It maintains blood sugar levels if taken correctly from the moment you wake up in the morning, even before you take a shower. As well as obviously removing toxins from your body, the most natural way to detox.  

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol is a heavy toxin, and if you have a party the day before, you’re bound to feel like crap the following morning. Our bodies struggle to remove those toxins; you need to help your body by drinking lots of water and having healthy soups and foods to remove those toxins. 

Eat healthy

You have to eat healthy and required foods for your body, foods that provide nutrients and minerals that help detoxify your body. Fruits, carbohydrates, fats and oils, proteins and vegetables are good foods that have a full pack of healthy elements. Fruits provide antioxidant vitamins that contain high water content, keeping you fresh and free of toxins. Vegetables are good plant foods that help cleanse the body from toxins and keep your diet in check. They also provide fiber. Nuts and seeds are good at eliminating toxins in the body, another excellent source of fiber and assistant in excretion of toxins. Proteins are one of the most major detoxification methods, they help the body function properly. Fats and oils contain organic energy for detoxification of the body.                     


If there’s ever a Chiropractor in your area, you can pay them a visit if you feel like getting those toxins out. These chiropractic adjustments remove toxins from the nervous system and help reduce obesity. These powerful detoxification methods eliminate toxins and get you feeling better in no time if you seriously feel fatigued.  

Don’t expose yourself 

Avoiding dangerous environmental factors that can be harmful to your body from being near passive cigarette smokers to acids, household cleaners, fumes, construction sites, garbage dumps, places where foods are being processed and so on and so forth. Basically any environment that disturbs your senses should be avoided. These always give off toxins you didn’t even know about, don’t expose yourself to these places. A walk in a park is good, or some open areas with fresh air are very good for you, sometimes public areas can be overwhelming. 

Don’t stress yourself

Keep negativity away by avoiding, as much as you can, unnecessary situations that cause you anxiety. Manage your stress levels so as to keep yourself free of bad vibes that mess with your energy. This can put your brain at a disadvantage as your over thinking, and over thinking is a number one cause of stress. A large amount of stress in the body affects you and creates toxins; you need to distract yourself from it at all costs. Eat healthy, exercise and hang out with good company, take a break, go see a movie at the theater or spend time with your lover. These help keep you positive and help you to avoid negativity, keeping your body free of toxins. 


A visit to a pharmacy for some good supplement pills and vitamins are also good and recommended, such as Vitamin C pills. You can also opt for supplementary plans; these last about 2 to 3 weeks and are good for detoxifying your system. They have all the required essentials needed. Usually come in packages and you can discuss with a healthcare professional.

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