Guide On Taking Care Of Your New Born Baby

Guide On Taking Care Of Your New Born Baby

You have gone through your pregnancy, labour and the delivery as well. You get home from the hospital, with your first bundle of joy and the thrilling feeling of – I don’t know what I’m doing, now what? It’s your first time being parents, I know you’re nervous but do not worry.

I am going to begin with how to handle your new born baby. New born babies are very fragile so here’s a few steps on how you can handle them;

Wash your hands very well with soap and water or use sanitizer to confirm your hands are clean before you carry or hold your baby. Also make sure before anyone holds your baby their hands must be clean. Baby’s immune system isn’t as strong yet and can easily get sick.

In the womb, your baby is used to being in the dark at all times and when they’re born all that has to change. They suddenly have to adjust to the changes of light. Light the room up during day and dim the lights at night so they can regulate to the light. This will help your baby know the difference between day and night time.

Never shake your baby, even though you’re just playing or trying to make them smile. If you’re trying to wake your baby up, you should blow on them or tickle their feet. If you shake them, it might cause bleeding in their brain or even lead to death.

Diapering – Always wash your hands before and after you change your baby’s diaper. This will get rid of all the bacteria. Remember to wipe your baby front to back to avoid them getting infected (especially girls). Clean the baby properly, ensuring his/her skin is fresh, clean and dry before putting a diaper on for it may cause diaper rush. 

Wrapping your baby up – You’re probably thinking umm how hard can it possibly be to wrap a baby up? You should make sure your baby is feeling comfortable and safe. Here are a few tips on how you can wrap them up :

  • Put a blanket down in a diamond shape
  • Place the baby’s head on the fold of the diamond
  • Grab the left corner and tuck it in under the baby’s right side
  • Take the bottom and tuck it in over the left shoulder
  • Now do the other side

 Now your baby is perfectly wrapped up, he/she will feel more relaxed and secure so will fall asleep quicker

Feeding – If a mom chooses to breastfeed her baby, there are some positions that easier and more helpful to the both of them. These being: side lying, cradle position, football hold etc. or whatever is most comfortable.

However, if a baby is on formula the paediatrician will give the mom all the information on how she/he should take it.

Sleeping – Most parents try to sleep at night or at random times of the day. When you’re sleeping, your baby cries and you have to wake up. Here’s how you can manage to sleep well and end the sleepless nights. Learn to sync your sleeping time at the same time as your baby. When your little one sleeps, take this time to sleep as well. You should do this so that when the baby wakes up, you’re up and also fresh too.

Learn their cries. You should be able to recognize your baby’s cry. They can cry for different reasons; such as – when they are hungry, sleepy, clothing, dirty diapers or pain. When you learn your baby’s cry, you’re able to know why they are crying and stop the crying by giving them what they need.

Picking them up or holding them – Everybody has probably heard this one, parent or not. It’s extremely important how well you hold your baby.  When holding her/him, it’s important that you support the neck. This is because, the muscles on their necks are too weak to hold their heads up so we have to help them out.

Always keep an eye for the unbiblical cord. Before it falls off, you should always make sure it’s clean and dry. It will take about two weeks for it to fall off. However, if you see a yellowish discharge or vulgar smell, you should see a doctor. Wipe your baby with a sponge until the umbilical cord falls off.

Wash your baby 3 times a week and not every day. A baby’s skin is very soft and can get irritated if washed a lot. Their skin being softy and slippery means you should be more careful when removing them from the tub or basin.

Bonding – Every parent wants a strong connection with their little one. Here are a few tips on how one can do so:

  • Gentle skin to skin touch.
  • Look into the baby’s eyes as you talk to them.
  • Give them lots of tiny kisses and hugs.

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