Home Remedies to Relieve Dental Pain

Home Remedies to Relieve Dental Pain

The legends are true, after childbirth, the second greatest pain in the world is that of the tooth. There are several ways to relieve dental pain, whether you’re anxiously still waiting for the next morning  to go to the dentist or you’re at home looking for a quick solution. So long as the toothache is not very serious, you can always find easy methods to help calm dental pain down. Below are some of those ways in which you can; 

Frozen vegetables

If you ever find yourself feeling frustration from an irritating sting, you can always open the fridge and check for frozen vegetables. Wrap a piece of thin cloth around the vegetable (to avoid skin damage) and place it on the side of your face that hurts for about 20 minutes, this will help reduce any swelling and lighten the pain.

Water and salt 

Another method to try is simply pouring a fair amount of warm water in a glass and a generous amount of salt then stir it for about 30 seconds slowly. Simply rinse your mouth with a few gulps over and over again and spit it out after every interval. This will help cleanse any infections and reduce the pain; this method is very commonly known and has also shown results of repairing any oral wounds.


Everybody likes tea, and when it comes to tea, there are always different varieties of tea bag flavors you can indulge in. In this regard, we specifically mean peppermint tea. When it comes to dental pain, peppermint has excellent properties in pausing tooth pain. Note that just by placing a wet, peppermint tea bag in your freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then taking it out and placing it right where the tooth hurts will help take your stress about it away. This is kind of like how a cup of tea does, right? This is a safe and common practice to those that know about it, creating a satisfying feeling and mildly easing the dental pain. 


Garlic is one of the oldest and most blessed of vegetables. Garlic is packed with excellent remedial properties, like vitamin C, Vitamin B6; including minerals such as manganese, selenium and antioxidants. Throughout history, since ancient Greece, it has been praised and used by many for killing bacteria. It’s no surprise that we find it as an addition in relieving dental pain as well. By simply crushing a single piece of garlic and applying the sticky paste to the tooth, it helps act as a great pain reliever. It’s that simple and effective.  

Clove oil

Another historic and natural remedy in curing toothaches is clove oil. Apply a small amount of clove oil onto a clean cotton ball, tissue or cotton ear swab, and then dab it right onto the tooth. This helps deaden and reduce distension, thought of as an efficient way to reduce dental pain. Clove oil contains Eugenol, an antiseptic that helps in sterilization of any oral wounds you may encounter. 


Yes, simply stated, a single cube of ice, which can always be found in your refrigerator. This is a method people have used to reduce pain signals that your brain takes in from a bad tooth. It is very easy to do, just take a piece of ice cube and rub it for a few minutes on the side where your tooth hurts. 

Vanilla extract

If you’re into baking at home, then you probably own some vanilla extract; yes, you guessed it, another way to calm dental pain. Vanilla extract contains small amounts of alcohol, and this helps in reducing your toothache. So next time you’re deciding on baking a cake, just pour a few drops of that vanilla extract onto a cotton ball or cotton swab and apply it onto the tooth. It is even recommended by researchers to do this a few times per day.

Thyme herb 

This is another natural ingredient that has some of the most prevailing and potent antibacterial essentials. If you own a small bottle of thyme oil you can use it for its antioxidants to treat toothaches. Add a few drops of this oil onto a cotton ball, add another few drops of water to help dilute the potency, then directly apply it to your bad tooth. That’s one way to use thyme oil for dental pain. Another is pouring a drop or two into a glass of water, stirring it slightly then you can create a mouthwash with this. You can rinse your mouth two or three times and spit – as simple as that. 


Pure, sweet and beloved by all, a great remedy for tooth pain absolutely is honey. Honey is one of the best and most natural antibacterial products on the planet. Honey heals and acts as an excellent addition to help treat dental pain. It is a natural peroxide which prevents infections and keeps sores to a minimum. Honey also is fast acting and heals any dental pain quickly; it also brings down any swelling caused and reduces pain quite effectively. Rinsing your mouth with warm water and taking a spoonful of honey a day, most definitely will heal your pain. 


In Africa, a common tea that people drink is Tangawizi, it is literally ginger tea and enjoyed every morning with a slice of bread or african made muffin. Ginger in itself contains elements that help fight against sore throats and flu. When it comes to toothaches and sores, ginger is yet another excellent natural ingredient to help promote dental pain relief. Simply acquire a ginger root, roast it slightly and then bite onto it for a good period of time. This practice allows the person to generate saliva, the saliva mixed with the ginger helps to effectively relieve a person of toothaches, a great way to heal your pain. 

These are all great ways to help relieve dental pain, all natural and all proven effective. There are always other methods, but these are some of the most common and easy to try at home. 

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