How to Grow Long Fluffy Eyelashes

How to Grow Long Fluffy Eyelashes

A coat of mascara can make your lashes look bambi-like but isn’t there just something special about naturally long eyelashes? Lashes start drying and snapping off as you age. So basically, encouraging length keeps your lashes healthy and strong. I mean who doesn’t want that? Below is some ways dermatology approved to grow them.

Eyelash growth serum

Eyelash serums provide good results, making your eyelashes long and thick. You can go for an FDA approved lash serum or using conditioning ingredients like honey, vitamin E or castor oil to promote the growth of fine hair. However, you should remember to first consult a dermatologist for serum options.

Castor oil

It is not 100% proven that it grows lashes or hair but you cannot deny its anecdotal powers that help moisturize. Castor oil has been loved by many for years. It keeps your lashes nourished and hydrated. The lashes do not dry and break off. Castor oil also has ricinoleic acid which is an acid with antioxidant properties. Castor oil is also both an occlusive and emollient – meaning it is able to penetrate into the hair strands and moisturize from within.

Use supportive supplements

Your lashes are small delicate hairs. Those tiny hairs are made of the same protein as the hair on your head. Lashes do grow on their own but supplying them with the right nutrients can help with the process. Most especially keratin because it has amino acids and biotin to support hair growth.

Serum infused mascara

This is a product that makes your lashes look fuller and supports healthy hair growth. There’s a number of serum infused mascaras on the market which all coat your lashes in lengthening actives while also conditioning them day by day.

Clean them regularly

Just like your scalp can get build up – the same can happen to your lashes too. Eye makeup, eyelash glue, oil and mucus can get stuck in your lashes. So too much build-up can limit your lash growth and cause some to fall off. So keep them clear and clean for healthy hair growth.

Keep your lashes healthy

To encourage growth, it is important to keep the lashes you already have very healthy. Healthy and strong hairs tend to look full. Also do your best to avoid unnecessary stress. Even the smallest error can pluck your lashes out. Small things like tugging or rubbing too hard can pluck them out.

Eyelash grooming

  • Remove eye makeup before bed. 
  • Don’t trim or pluck your lashes yourself. 
  • Brush out those lashes.

How to get longer eyelashes fast

  • Curl your lashes carefully. 
  • Don’t yank off your falsies. 
  • Lay off the extensions once in a while. 
  • Stick with single lash extensions. 

The takeaway. 

To help boost length, you need a balance of stimulating growth internally and moisturizing the lashes you already have. 

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