Importance Of Drinking Water

Importance Of Drinking Water

Water is life. Water is the essence of our survival. Basically the human body alone makes up 60% of water and the earth is 70% water. Water is not only a major part of your body but also the world you live in. Water keeps you alive, also cleaning and detoxifying your system, required for your brain and organs. Below are a few reasons you need to drink water. 

Acts as a lubricant for your body

From lubricating your joints, to producing saliva, water essentially makes sure you’re functioning normally. That being said; it provides the required assistance to your body to be able to run. Therefore, breaking down food you eat via saliva production and assisting important tissues. Without water, you wouldn’t be able to produce naturally the required enzymes that break down food or for that matter the electrolytes your body needs. These keep your mouth healthy. In terms of lubricating your mouth and keeping saliva constant, water also supports your joints, so always keep lubricating with it. 

Controls body temperatures

Water is very important for your body temperature. It keeps you at a regular body temperature, whereby your body is able to maintain coolness. Without it (let’s say you’re in the sun all day or the desert and you don’t drink water) your body temperature will rise as your body is losing it because you’re not replenishing it. Your body is meant to stay hydrated, so if you feel like you’re dying of thirst in the desert, it’s because your body temperature is increasing, making you thirstier than ever and craving for water. 

Needed for regular excretion

Without daily water consumption, you will fail to excrete, thus failing to rid of any toxins, and causing constipation. Water helps you function properly. Water is needed for healthy, daily human excretion, which is one of the main biological human requirements for survival. It also helps excretes sweat, regulating your body temperature and refreshing the body with water that was lost. Remember that the kidneys flush out all the waste. When you urinate you’re essentially cleaning out everything and maintaining the proper and healthy functions of your kidneys. 

Physical performance

Water is an athlete’s natural energy drink, to be honest. Compared to all those unhealthy fuelled energy drinks, water is actually the best option for them. 

  • It affects their endurance 
  • It affects their strength and power

Water is the most perfect and common essential for physical activities. Without it, athletes would suffer low blood pressure and seizures. Don’t ever be dehydrated. 

Water is good for weight loss

Water helps some people who try to lose weight be able to lose the weight. Simply stated, water is good when you are dieting and want to cut down on fat. Not only is it keeping you healthy daily, but it is a great addition to your weight loss diet. 

Water is energy and a mood booster

Water refreshes you and keeps your energy up to par. Also boosting your metabolism and increasing your daily energy for when you need it. A day full of stress and work can always be compensated with water. Water also improves your mood. Therefore as you improve your energy levels you improve your mood, avoiding things like fatigue and anxiety. 

Good for blood circulation

Water assists in the healthy circulation of blood, thereby improving your oxygen intake, increasing your health.  

Water is a way to avoid sickness

By drinking water regularly, you’re helping your body to fight against illnesses. Some of which are hypertension, constipation, kidney stones and infections.  

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