Steps To Fight Stress

Steps To Fight Stress

Don’t we all get stressed at times? Stress is a normal part of our everyday life and many have their own ways of dealing with stress – some in ways like screaming, hitting walls, punching people or just fighting. However, this isn’t the best way to deal with this, stress is just a trick your mind is playing on you before anything actually happens. There is no way to top stress but what we can do is educate ourselves on how to deal or manage stress and live a happier and healthier life. To avoid being overwhelmed by stress, below are a few tips on how to cope with stress. 

How to fight stress

Be positive

Most stress is temporary so you keep a positive attitude that it will end eventually. I know it doesn’t feel like it in the moment but stress goes away once you initiate the problem and try to solve it. You should give yourself a positive self-talk – this is when you talk to or encourage yourself either out loud or in your head to do better. Positive self-talk like “I can do better” , “I am smart” or “ everything is going to be alright.” Can calm you down and get rid of or reduce stress.

Whenever you are stressed need to know that there are events and situations that you cannot control and also be able to accept it.


Being physically active can reduce stress because it releases endorphins in the brain that can improve your mood and give you a feeling of accomplishment. Exercising regularly can fight and lower stress hormones like cortisol.

For some people, exercising is the last thing on their mind – but you can get the exact same benefits even by doing little activities.


When you are fighting stress or any other condition like anxiety, your body will need a full 8 hour sleep and a lot of rest. When you get enough sleep, it can help you think clearly, improve your mood instantly and you will be able to handle different situations better. You should make sure that your bedtime routine promotes effective sleeping. Your body also needs time to recover well from stressful events.

Social support

Reach out to people who care about you. Contact or talk to an adult that you trust and know will be there for you, such as a parent, counsellor or family member. Don’t forget to talk to your friends as well for support.


eating healthy and well balanced diets will make you feel better. Avoid taking alcohol and drugs, they may make you feel a little better. However, remember that it is only temporary. And once it is out of your system you will feel the same way or even worse.

Learn to say no to things or people that will increase stress and make the situation you’re already in worse.

Seek professional help

If you feel like these natural tips aren’t doing it for you, you should seek treatment from a psychologist. One that is trained in biofeedback and stress management. This will help you deal with all the stress and anxiety you are feeling.

Write it down

Not only is writing fun but it helps to reduce stress. Writing can be therapeutic and helps people deal with things they can’t tell other people. When someone writes about something that is troubling them. It helps them solve the problems faster and deal with them in a better way in the future as well.

You could write:

  • What caused your stress
  • How you felt
  • How you acted
  • What you did to feel much better

Importance of stress management

If you’re living your everyday life with high levels of stress, you are basically putting your well-being in danger. Stress messes with your emotional and physical stability. You cannot enjoy your life, function well or even think clearly.

The goal in life is to have a happy, well balanced life with not too much pressure. You are lot more in control than you may think. It is very important to find out what works best for you and do it.

Even though stress arises in your personal life and workplace, you should know that it is only temporary and will go away. There are some simple ways to reduce the pressure you feel. Exercise, listen to music and relax. It will take your mind away from whatever is stressing you and improve your overall mood.

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