Why The Ponytail Hairstyle Is Here To Stay

Why The Ponytail Hairstyle Is Here To Stay

I just woke up and felt like telling you why the ponytail hairstyle is here to stay – Funny. You probably have had one of those moments when you need to just get that hair out of the vicinity of the face while still looking cute and put-together. Same Sister. 

You know what I do? I pull the hair back, tie it with a hair tie, and there you go, you have a hair-free face; my favorite of all hairstyles. Yes, the ponytail. Wanna know more reasons other than comfort and simplicity to keep wearing it? Let’s find out.

The ponytail style has a rich history tracing back to 1600 B.C.E. though sometimes later, ponytails were deemed as childish, and actually uncommon for women. But looking around today, you’ll find ponytails from the red carpet to the gym. The once traditional schoolgirl style is the new chic.

We can’t deny the simplicity and elegance of this don’t-mess-with-me-I’m-busy kind of style but there is even more to this. Shocking, I know. 

A ponytail is the most practical way to secure your hair. Well, it does more than that, really. It also highlights your personality. Think about it.

To concentrate on a thing, most of us need to flip our heads forward and gather the hair up high. Yes, the ponytail proved to be a powerful and work-oriented hairstyle. It’s a style that communicates strength, confidence, and elegance. It is practical, classy, and chic at the same time! It can easily take you from the afternoon boardroom to evening cocktails in a flash.

Needless to say, the humble ponytail is here to stay. It is the most practical hairstyle out there and it’s perfect for those days when you are constantly on the go. Wearing your pony will help you navigate your days with grace and style. No matter your hair type or your sense of style, there’s a ponytail out there for you and whatever event you’re wearing it to.

And dear women, wear your ponytail – protect your hair, highlight your personality and juggle your days in comfort but remember not to make it as boring. Give it some life – It’s never just a ponytail! 

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