For many years Indians have pampered their children with herbal oil massages. This is believed to lead to long, thick hair. This can be tracked to hindu myths. Ayurverdic practices are part of traditional indian hair care. If you use these remedies too your hair will be long, shiny and bouncy. Understanding Ayurveda To get […]

Hair dye can give you a beautiful appearance, I mean who wouldn’t want to switch it up once in a while and go blonde. Guess who looks brand new? You! However, dying your hair can expose the hair to several problems because dye contains chemicals that lead to damage and dehydration. Don’t worry though, there […]

Shrinkage for kinky hair is very real. Usually 4C hair isn’t easy to handle but with the right methods we will help you embrace your natural curls. Below are 20 ways on how you can have beautiful natural hair. Have a wash day routine The best thing about having natural hair is that you don’t […]

Hair is simple in arrangement, yet has vital purposes. It is made of a strong protein called keratin. Blood vessels nurture the cells in the hair and deliver hormones that adjust hair growth. The role of hair is to protect your skin as well as control temperature and sensation. For most hair grows on the […]

One of the things that most annoys a person about their personal appearance is coarse hair. Coarse hair can at times be difficult to comb until you moisturize it well making it easy to comb. There are many ways to care for coarse hair, including: The nature of coarse hair Coarse hair is hair that […]

I just woke up and felt like telling you why the ponytail hairstyle is here to stay – Funny. You probably have had one of those moments when you need to just get that hair out of the vicinity of the face while still looking cute and put-together. Same Sister.  You know what I do? […]