How To Get Jobs In Rwanda

How To Get Jobs In Rwanda

If you’re speculating on how to get a job in Rwanda, but aren’t certain how, you’re in the right place. Finding jobs in Rwanda has been simplified now. It is now easier to find jobs and see the job offers of many companies. Rwanda’s economy has improved since the early 2000’s and refining the living standards in Rwanda. Rwanda still being a developing country, its economy though enjoys a good thrust, and finding jobs for expats and locals has been made at ease.

The first step on successfully getting a job in Rwanda is to study yourself. Take your time to think about what you want to do, what career are you interested in? The truth about job searching is first knowing yourself, what you can and cannot do. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. 90% of jobs require a CV, this means any job you could be thinking of applying to needs a CV. So, it is important to have a decent CV.

A CV is not just a paper you send out to organizations when searching for a job. A CV is a tool that sells you to a potential employer. Make an appealing CV with all your skills and experiences then go ahead and look for the job you like. Read more on how to write a perfect CV.

Ways in which people can find jobs in Rwanda are online and offline, recruitment companies or through local newspapers (Newtimes and Imvahonshya).


Searching for jobs on the internet is the fastest way to see the jobs that are accessible, the qualifications needed and sometimes the salaries. Online websites and classified platforms are easy to use, you can check them out for the job you would like rendering on your skills and experience. Some of these websites need you to upload your CV so have it ready with you as you explore. They publish all the latest jobs in Rwanda.  Below are the websites used for job search in Rwanda;


What do I mean by offline jobs? There is a great deal of jobs that are not promoted on online platforms and newspapers. Some firms hinge on recommendations to recruit new employees and do not promote them on platforms. You are probably questioning right now, how will I be in contact to these hidden jobs? Here is how, you have to start interacting both online and offline with experts/professionals in your industry. How does this help? Whenever there are open spots in their companies you get the opportunity of knowing.

The benefit of hidden job market is that you’re capable of searching and applying for jobs that have not been publicised before. There is a low level of competition for the hidden job market, which makes getting jobs in Rwanda at ease. 

Recruitment Companies

Recruitment companies are organizations that aid in linking employers and employees. Their core role is to find suitable applicants for job openings. These organizations usually require to see your up to date CV and interview you to weigh your skills and qualifications. Some recruitment companies in Rwanda are;

  • ITM Africa
  • Right Seat
  • NFT Consult
  • Q-sourcing
  • BAG Innovation
  • Aurecon
  • Rwanda Civil Service Recruitment

Agriculture and farming is big business in the rest of Rwanda but then in Kigali the real business that fetches a good deal of money is tourism. Tourism has developed the country’s major sector by economic productivity and contributes to the country’s GDP by 43.6%. There aren’t numerous tourist attractions in Kigali however many tourists who are in Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas, lake Kivu and the volcanoes stay in Kigali or pass through Kigali. Kigali is also home to several more thriving businesses including; wholesale, retail trading, banking and finance, insurance, hotel, restaurants etc.

As portrayed above, there are many ways in which locals and expats can find the best jobs to fit them, in Rwanda.

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