Get Rid of Bad Breath For Good

Get Rid of Bad Breath For Good

Bad breath is a common problem that affects people of different ages. One person out of four suffer from bad breath.

Main reasons for bad breath

  1. Increase of bacteria in the mouth
  2. Eating foods with strong odours such as onions and garlic
  3. Smoking and drinking alcohol.
  4. Tooth decay
  5. Kidney and liver diseases
  6. Cold and influenza
  7. Medicine such as antihistamine and diuretics

Get rid of bad breath

If you want to get rid of bad breath it will have to depend on the underlying cause. So, if a person suffers from a health problem that is causing the bad breath, the dentist refers them to a primary health care doctor. Below are the ways in which we can get rid of it;

Maintaining cleanliness of the mouth and teeth

Basically this includes brushing your teeth all the time. Not only brushing on top but making sure you brush in between too. You should know that brushing your alone doesn’t clean more than 60%. Therefore, it is recommended to use a toothbrush with a small head with soft bristles. In addition to that, make sure you change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. To avoid bad breath you should brush twice a day for about 2 minutes.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash contains active substances that kill germs such as bacteria. However, some mouthwash that contain chlorhexidine should not be used for long periods. This is because they have side effects that may lead to temporary discoloration of the teeth and tongue, Mouthwashes are recommended not to be used by children.

Tongue cleaning

There are some special tools used to clean the tongue called tongue scraper. Basically, this is a tool used to scrape the tongue gently from back to front. It can be found at any pharmacy.

Treatment of dental problems

This includes treating gum diseases that cause periodontal pockets. They are filled with bacteria with a bad smell. Usually the doctor advises the patient to change damaged fillings.

Maintaining the cleanliness of dentures

Dentures should be cleaned with a toothbrush that is supposed to clean them. You can do this by using tablets or cream for dentures. However, avoid toothpaste in all ways possible because it causes scratches. This therefore leads to staining and causing bad breath.

Prevention of bad breath

Interdental cleaning

This is done by dental flossing. This is to remove food debris stuck between the teeth, and it is also possible to use interdental brushes.

Avoid dry mouth

You can do this by making sure to drink large quantities of water and chew sugar-free gum. In order to stimulate the production of saliva, it is also important to avoid tobacco, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks that make the mouth drier.

Reducing the intake of odor-causing foods

For instance onions, garlic, and foods high in sugar

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