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Generally, children love their parents, and so do parents. So, why is communication between parents and children sometimes difficult? What can parents do to be able to talk to their children? This parent-focused article is all about the age-appropriate advice with some gentle reminders about what to say and do to make your parent-child communication […]

In this article am going to share simple but essential daily makeup hacks. Anyways, let me first tell you a short story. I’ve come across some colleagues who think they look cute without makeup. Eventually, they realized that makeup gives them such an extra bit of control over their skin. Results? -Now they don’t feel […]

Indeed, honey is magical. It can’t possibly be just for eating or kept at the back of your kitchen counter. With its everlasting source of antibacterial, antiseptic, demulcent, humectant and antioxidant properties, honey has many more uses and beauty hacks. Bees make this sticky and sweet liquid from flowers by using their nectar and store […]

Hairstyles There are different types of impressive and inspiring hairstyles in Rwanda. There are several styles ranging from braids, afros, curls to long straight hair. However, people’s hairstyles depends on their personality and their preferences. So, sometimes what’s easier to manage is what people go for. Looking for something new? Something stylish? Below are the […]

If you’re speculating on how to get a job in Rwanda, but aren’t certain how, you’re in the right place. Finding jobs in Rwanda has been simplified now. It is now easier to find jobs and see the job offers of many companies. Rwanda’s economy has improved since the early 2000’s and refining the living […]

You have gone through your pregnancy, labour and the delivery as well. You get home from the hospital, with your first bundle of joy and the thrilling feeling of – I don’t know what I’m doing, now what? It’s your first time being parents, I know you’re nervous but do not worry. I am going […]